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TT: Wilson defends Dundee and District Hill Climb

Dundee & District Hill Climb
Location: Abernyte, Scotland
Event: 28 September 2013
Report: David Martin/Snowdon Sports
Photo: Katie Gallagher

It was a perfect day with early morning fog being driven off by the sunshine before racing started on the three-mile course at Abernyte.

Twenty riders took to the start to compete in the Dundee and District Hill Climb championship.

Barry Wilson (Dundee Thistle) defended his title with a course record of 9:42, helped by the still day and perfect conditions.

A strong challenge was mounted by Russell Duncan (COG Velo) with 10:04 but he was pipped to third by Johnny Graham (Team Right Move) with 10:00.

Best lady was Julie Erskine (Granite City RT) with 11:06. Fastest Junior was Finn Harrod (Discovery JCC) with 10:29, the same time as the fastest youth A, Danny Hedley (Discovery JCC). Youth B champion was Andrew Merry (Discovery JCC) in a time of 12:19.

The organisers would like to thank Commissaire, Brian Sproul, all the volunteers and to Perth and Kinross Council for the use of the Abernyte Primary School grounds.


1 Barry Wilson Dundee Thistle RC 3 00:09:42
2 Johnny Graham Team Right Move 4 00:10:00
3 Russell Duncan COG Velo 4 00:10:04
4 Joe McMillan Team Right Move 4 00:10:27
5 Finn Harrod Discovery JCC J 00:10:29
6 Danny Hedley Discovery JCC YA 00:10:29
7 Neil Scott Dundee Thistle RC 3 00:10:35
8 Mark Munro Cairngorm CC 4 00:10:45
9 Peter Flick Angus Bike Chain 4 00:10:55
10 Joseph Varga City RC (Hull) YA 00:10:55
11 Francis Chesters Unattached NM 00:11:02
12 Julie Erskine Granite City RT L2 00:11:06
13 Paul Petrie COG Velo 4 00:11:10
14 Alistair Merry Discovery JCC YA 00:11:19
15 Euan Rose Unattached YA NM 00:11:24
16 Enitan Ollisanya COG vel NM 00:11:29
17 Charlie Swan Perth United YA 00:11:37
18 William Harrod Discovery JCC NM 00:11:38
19 Andrew Merry Discovery JCC YB 00:12:19
20 Nathan Wilson Dundee University 4 00:12:40
21 Nicholas Johnston Dundee Thistle RC 4 00:12:48


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British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.